Pontiac Fiero 1984-1988 Repair Guide

Towing The Vehicle


Your Fiero may be towed on all four wheels only if the steering and driveline are in normal operating condition. Keep in mind the following precautions when towing your vehicle:

  1. If equipped with an automatic transaxle, do not exceed a speed of 35 mph or a distance of 50 miles.
  3. Make sure the steering is unlocked, the transaxle is in neutral and the parking brake is released.
  5. Connect to main structural parts of the car. Do not attach to bumpers or brackets.
  7. Remember, with the engine off, the power assist for the brakes will not be operating.

If your Fiero is to be towed by a wrecker, use the following precautions:

  1. Follow the instructions of the wrecker manufacturer.
  3. Since the Fiero is rear wheel drive, towing on the front wheels is preferred, however if necessary, it may be towed forwards on the rear drive wheels at speed up to 35 mph and for distances up to 50 miles on cars equipped with automatic transaxles. There is no restrictions on cars equipped with manual transaxles.
  5. A safety chain system must be used for all towing.