Quest 1995-1996

Body Lubrication & Maintenance


Periodic lubrication of moving body parts is recommended for ease of operation, and to extend the life of the parts.

At least once a year, all hinges, locks, and latches should be lubricated. For hinges and latches, use a multi-purpose white lithium grease spray. Excess grease and dirt should be cleaned from the parts before lubricating. To lubricate the hinges, spray grease into the pivot points, then move the door or hood back and forth to help the grease penetrate. For latches, spray a small amount of grease into the moving parts of the latch, then latch and unlatch several times. Always wipe away any excess grease after lubrication. Door lock cylinders can be lubricated using a penetrating lubricant that is made for locks. Apply the lubricant inside of the keyhole, then operate the lock with the key several times.

At least twice a year, check to make sure that the body drain holes in the lower edge of the doors are open. The holes allow water that collects inside of the door to drain, preventing corrosion. In addition, the underside of the body and wheel wells should be flushed. Spray water under the body and in the wheel wells to loosen dirt and to wash away any contaminates. If the vehicle is operated in a region where road salt is used, near coastal regions, or in muddy or dirty conditions, the underside will need to be flushed more frequently.