Quest 1995-1996

Description & Troubleshooting


All vehicles covered by this manual have an available cruise control system. When activated, the system automatically controls the speed of the vehicle when set at any speed above 30 mph (48 km/h). The speed control system consists of the following:

Cruise control ON/OFF switch located on the instrument panel
Cruise control switch assembly located on the steering wheel
Cruise control relay
Cruise control module
Vehicle speed sensor (VSS)
Brake on/off (BOO) or brake pedal position (BPP) switch
Cruise control disengage switch
Cruise control servo motor
Cruise control servo
Cruise control cable

When the cruise control ON/OFF switch is activated, the control module begins monitoring the vehicle speed. When the desired speed is reached, and the COAST/SET button on the control switch assembly is depressed, the cruise control module sends signals to the cruise control servo motor. The servo motor controls the cruise control servo, applying vacuum to or venting vacuum from the servo. The servo moves the cruise control cable, which positions the throttle lever to maintain the desired speed.

The system will continue to control the vehicle speed until the CANCEL button on the control switch assembly is depressed, the brake pedal is depressed, the transaxle is placed in neutral, or the OFF button of the ON/OFF switch is depressed.

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Fig. The cruise control servo is located on the passenger-s side of the engine compartment

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Fig. Troubleshooting the cruise control system