Quest 1995-1996

Coolant Level Check


Specific to:

Mercury Villager 1993-2000

Nissan Quest 1993-2000

The coolant recovery tank is located on the driver-s side of the vehicle next to battery on 1993-98 models, and on the passenger-s side inner fender near the front on 1999-00 models.

The proper coolant level is slightly above the FULL COLD marking on the recovery tank when the engine is cold. Top off the cooling system using the recovery tank and its marking as a guideline.

Never overfill the recovery tank.

A coolant level that consistently drops is usually a sign of a small, hard to detect leak, although in the worst case it could be a sign of an internal engine leak. In most cases, you will be able to trace the leak to a loose fitting or damaged hose.

Evaporating ethylene glycol antifreeze will have a sweet smell and leave small, white (salt-like) deposits, which can be helpful in tracing a leak.

Never open, service or drain the radiator or cooling system when hot; serious burns can occur from the steam and hot coolant. Also, when draining engine coolant, keep in mind that cats and dogs are attracted to ethylene glycol antifreeze and could drink any that is left in an uncovered container or in puddles on the ground. This will prove fatal in sufficient quantities. Always drain coolant into a sealable container. Coolant should be reused unless it is contaminated or is several years old.

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Fig. Coolant recovery tank level markings-1993-98 vehicles