Quest 1995-1996

Crankshaft Front Seal


Removal & Installation

The following procedure requires the use of special tools or suitable substitutes. If neither is available, the front crankshaft seal can be replaced by removing the oil pump. Please refer to Oil Pump, Removal and Installation for the procedure.

  1. Remove the timing belt.
  3. Remove the crankshaft sprocket and keys.
  5. Remove the inner timing belt guide from the crankshaft.
  7. The use of a special seal remover is recommended for the removal of the front crankshaft seal, however, if the seal remover tool is not available, use the following procedure. Place a small cold chisel or punch at the outer edge of the seal at approximately a 45° angle. Carefully tap the tool with a hammer to collapse the metal rim of the seal, being careful not to damage the crankshaft or the oil pump housing. Pry the seal from the oil pump housing and slide it off of the crankshaft.

To install:

  1. Apply a small amount of engine oil to the inner lip of the new seal.
  3. Install the crankshaft seal. A special seal press, consisting of a sleeve that fits over the crankshaft, and a bolt which threads into the crankshaft, is recommended for installation. If the special tool is not available, the seal may be driven in with a suitable substitute, such as a large socket or thick walled section of pipe that matches the outer diameter of the seal.
  5. Install the inner timing belt guide.
  7. Install the crankshaft keys and the crankshaft sprocket.
  9. Install the timing belt.

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    Fig. Replacing the front crankshaft seal using a special seal press