Quest 1995-1996

Pistons & Rings



Although the piston wrist pins are retained by C-clips, the manufacturer recommends the use of a special press or a special heater to remove and install the connecting rod. This procedure can be performed by a machine shop.

The pistons have a mark indicating the direction to the front of the engine and they must be installed into the engine in that manner. There is a notch on the top of the piston and the letter W cast on the piston and the connecting rod to identify the front of each.

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Fig. Piston and connecting rod identification mark locations

  1. Note the location of the forward mark on the piston and mark the connecting rod in relation.
  3. Remove the C-clips from the piston.
  5. The manufacturer recommends the use of a piston pin press stand, or heating the pistons to 140-158°F (60-70°C), to remove the wrist pin.
  7. Insure that the wrist pin bushing in the connecting rod is usable, and lubricate it with assembly lube.
  9. Remove the wrist pin from the new piston and lubricate the pin bores on the piston.
  11. Align the forward marks on the piston and the connecting rod and install the wrist pin.
  13. The new C-clips will have a flat and a rounded side to them. Install both C-clips with the flat side facing out.
  15. Repeat all of the steps for each piston being replaced.