Quest 1995-1996

Fuel Filter


On fuel injected vehicles, the system remains under pressure after the engine is turned off. Before repair or replacement of any fuel system component, it is necessary to properly relieve system pressure. Please refer to Fuel System, Fuel Injection System, Relieving Fuel System Pressure for the procedure.

There are three filters in the fuel system: the fuel pump filter in the fuel tank, an in-line filter, and fuel injector screens inside of each injector. If the fuel pump filter becomes clogged, the fuel pump must be removed to replace it. Please refer to Fuel System, Fuel Pump, Removal and Installation for the procedure. The fuel injector screens are part of the injectors and cannot be replaced separately. If the screen becomes clogged, the injector must be replaced.

Although there is no factory recommended replacement interval for the in-line fuel filter, it is generally a good idea to replace the filter at the 60,000 mile service interval, whenever the fuel pump is replaced, if the fuel system becomes contaminated, or if the vehicle is purchased used and there is no record of previous fuel filter replacement.