Quest 1995-1996



Specific to:

Mercury Villager 1993-2000

Nissan Quest 1993-2000

Upper and lower radiator hoses, along with the heater hoses, should be checked for deterioration, leaks and loose hose clamps at least every 15,000 miles (24,000 km). It is also wise to check the hoses periodically in early spring and at the beginning of the fall or winter when you are performing other maintenance. A quick visual inspection could discover a weakened hose which might have left you stranded if it had remained unrepaired.

Whenever you are checking the hoses, make sure the engine and cooling system are cold. Visually inspect for cracking, rotting or collapsed hoses, and replace as necessary. Run your hand along the length of the hose. If a weak or swollen spot is noted when squeezing the hose wall, the hose should be replaced.

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Fig. The cracks developing along this hose are a result of age-related hardening

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Fig. A hose clamp that is too tight can cause older hoses to separate and tear on either side of the clamp

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Fig. A soft spongy hose (identifiable by the swollen section) will eventually burst and should be replaced

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Fig. Hoses are likely to deteriorate from the inside if the cooling system is not periodically flushed