Ram B1500, B2500, B3500, 1999-2003



The driver's air bag module is mounted directly to the steering wheel beneath a protective cover. Under the air bag module protective cover, the air bag cushion and its supporting components are contained. The air bag module contains a housing to which the cushion and inflator are attached and sealed. The air bag module is non-repairable. If it is dropped or damaged, it must be replaced.

The inflator assembly is mounted to the back of the module. The inflator seals the hole in the air bag cushion so it can discharge the gas it produces directly into the cushion when supplied with the proper electrical signal. Upon deployment, the protective cover will split horizontally.

The passenger's side air bag door on the instrument panel above the glove box is the most visible part of the passenger side air bag system. This system includes an extruded aluminum housing within which the cushion and inflator are mounted.

The module cannot be repaired. Following a deployment, the air bag module and instrument panel assembly must be replaced.

A passenger side air bag on/off switch is fitted to all models except the quad cab.

The air bag control module (ACM) is mounted on the transmission tunnel beneath the dashboard.

The ACM contains the safing sensor, and a microprocessor that monitors the air bag system to determine readiness. It also monitors the impact sensors to determine when the proper conditions exist to provide the electrical signal that deploys the air bag. The ACM contains On-Board Diagnostics (OBD), and will light the air bag warning lamp on the instrument panel if a (monitored) air bag system fault occurs. If the light does not come on, does not go out or comes on when driving, the system must be diagnosed and repaired by your dealer or reputable shop. The system is NOT repairable at home.

The ACM also contains an energy-storage capacitor. The capacitor stores enough electrical energy to deploy the air bag for up to two minutes following a battery disconnect or failure. The purpose of the capacitor is to provide air bag system protection in a severe secondary impact if the initial impact somehow damaged or disconnected the battery, but did not deploy the air bag.

This unit is not serviceable and must be replaced if damaged or defective.

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Fig. Removing the ACM cover

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Fig. The air bag control module is located on the floorboard beneath the dash