Ram B1500, B2500, B3500, 1999-2003

Washing, Waxing & Glass Care


Cleaners, Waxes & Polishes


Your truck is exposed to all kinds of corrosive effects from nature and chemicals. Some of these are road salt, oils, rain, hail and sleet just to name a few. To protect not only the paint and trim, but also the many exposed mounts and fixtures, it is important to wash your vehicle often and thoroughly. After washing, allow all surfaces to drain and dry before parking in a closed garage. Washing may not clean all deposits off your truck, so you may need additional cleaners. When using professional cleaners, make sure they are suitable for acrylic painted surfaces, chrome, tires etc. These supplies can be purchased in your local auto parts store. You also should wax and polish your vehicle every few months to keep the paint in good shape.


Care Of Windows

All glass surfaces should be kept clean at all times for safe driving. You should use a window cleaner, the same cleaner you use on windows in your home. Use caution and NEVER use abrasive cleaners: this will scratch the window surfaces.