Ram B1500, B2500, B3500, 1999-2003

Junction Block


The electrical junction block is concealed behind the left end of the instrument panel cover. This block serves to simplify and centralize numerous electrical components and to distribute electrical current to many of the accessory systems in the vehicle. It also eliminates the need for numerous splice connections and serves in place of a bulkhead connector between many of the engine compartment, instrument panel, and chassis wire harnesses.

The junction block houses up to nineteen blade-type fuses (two standard and seventeen mini), up to two blade-type automatic resetting circuit breakers, and two ISO relays (one standard, one micro).

  1. A fuse puller and spare fuse holders are located on the back of the fuse access cover.

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Fig. Typical junction block layout: fuse ratings and applications on your vehicle may differ. Refer to the information on the junction block and cover for your vehicle

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Fig. Fuse panel (junction block) location on left side of instrument panel cover: lid identifies function