Ram B1500, B2500, B3500, 1999-2003

Fuel Pressure Limiting Valve


Removal & Installation

The fuel pressure limiting valve is located on the top of the fuel rail.

Cleanliness cannot be overemphasized when handling or replacing diesel fuel system components. This especially includes the fuel injectors, high-pressure fuel lines and fuel injection pump. Very tight tolerances are used with these parts. Dirt contamination could cause rapid part wear and possible plugging of fuel injector nozzle tip holes. This in turn could lead to possible engine misfire. Always wash/clean any fuel system component thoroughly before disassembly and then air dry. Cap or cover any open part after disassembly. Before assembly, examine each part for dirt, grease or other contaminants and clean if necessary. When installing new parts, lubricate them with clean engine oil or clean diesel fuel only.

  1. Thoroughly clean area at pressure limiting valve.
  3. Remove banjo bolt from the banjo fitting.
  5. Remove pressure limiting valve from fuel rail.

To install:

  1. Be sure both top of manifold and limiting valve are clean.
  3. Install valve and torque to 52 ft. lbs. (70 Nm).
  5. Assemble the banjo bolt and new sealing washers to limiting valve.
  7. Tighten the banjo bolt to 18 ft. lbs. (24 Nm).