Ram B1500, B2500, B3500, 1999-2003

Manufacturer's Recommendations


A vehicle equipped with SAE approved sling-type towing equipment can be used to tow all short-bed 2WD vehicles covered by this manual. When towing 4WD vehicles and long-bed vehicles, Chrysler Corporation recommends the use of a flatbed-type transportation vehicle. If one is not available, a wheel-lift, sling-type device can be used-provided ALL the wheels are lifted off the ground using tow dollies. The flatbed, if used, should have an approach ramp angle not exceeding 15 degrees.

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Fig. Transport the vehicle using the approved method of conveyance

Do NOT use the steering column lock to secure the steering wheel during a towing operation.

Safety Precautions

Always observe state and local laws regulating towing.
Do NOT tow a heavily loaded vehicle. Damage to the cab, cargo box or frame may result. Use a flatbed to transport a loaded vehicle.
Secure any loose or protruding parts.
Always use a safety chain that is independent of the lifting/towing equipment.
Do NOT allow any towing equipment to contact the vehicle's fuel tank.
Do NOT allow anyone under the disabled vehicle while it is lifted by the tow vehicle.
Do NOT allow passengers to ride in the vehicle being towed.
Tow the vehicle in a safe manner that does not jeopardize the operator, pedestrians, motorists, or property.
Do NOT attach tow chains, T-hooks, J-hooks, or a tow sling to a bumper, steering linkage, driveshafts, halfshafts, or a non-reinforced frame hole.

Towing With Front End Lifted

If a 2WD vehicle cannot be towed with the rear wheels lifted, it can be towed with the front wheels lifted with the transmission in NEUTRAL.

Towing With Rear End Lifted

This is the preferable method for towing a 2WD vehicle, but not required. Towing 2WD vehicles with the rear end lifted is permissible. To do so, unlock the steering column and secure the steering wheel in a straight-ahead position with a clamp device designed for towing. Also verify that the steering components are in good condition.