Ram Truck 1500, 2500 & 3500 (2006-2008)

4.7L Engine


The 4.7L uses separate ignition coils for each cylinder. The one-piece coil bolts directly to the cylinder head. Rubber boots seal the secondary terminal ends of the coils to the top of all 8 spark plugs. A separate electrical connector is used for each coil.

Because of coil design, spark plug cables (secondary cables) and a distributor are not used.

Two knock sensors (one for each cylinder bank) are used to help control spark knock.

The Auto Shutdown (ASD) relay provides battery voltage to each ignition coil.

The ignition system consists of:

8 Spark plugs
8 Separate ignition coils
2 Knock sensors
Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
Also to be considered part of the ignition system are certain inputs from the Crankshaft position, Camshaft position, Throttle position, and MAP Sensor.