Ram Truck 1500, 2500 & 3500 (2006-2008)

Spark Plug Wires


Inspection & Testing

Check spark plug wires for the following conditions:

Bare wires
Improper routing
High resistance (Below 10k ohms)
Loose connections

Removal & Installation

5.7L (SMPI) Engine

Spark plug cables on the 5.7L engine are paired on cylinders (1 and 6), (2 and 3), (4 and 7), (5 and 8). Before removing or disconnecting any spark plug cables, note their original position

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  3. Remove cables one-at-a-time. To prevent ignition crossfire, spark plug cables MUST be placed in cable tray (routing loom) into their original position. The cable retention clips must also be securely locked.
  5. Before installing spark plug cables to either the spark plugs or coils, apply dielectric grease to inside of boots.
  7. If cable tray removal is necessary, release the 4 tray-to-manifold retention clips.

To install:

  1. Install cables into the proper engine cylinder firing order sequence. Refer to Specifications.

    Click image to see an enlarged view

    Fig. 5.7L (SMPI) Engine ignition wires

  3. When replacing the spark plug and coil cables, route the cables correctly and secure them in the proper retainers. Failure to route the cables properly may cause the radio to reproduce ignition noise. It could also cause cross-ignition of the plugs, or, may short-circuit the cables to ground.
  5. When installing new cables, make sure a positive connection is made. A snap should be felt when a good connection is made.