Repair Pontiac Mid-size 1974-1983 Repair Guide

Diesel Engine Precautions


  1. Never run the engine with the air cleaner removed: if anything is sucked into the inlet manifold it will go straight to the combustion chambers, or jam behind a valve.
  3. Never wash a diesel engine: the reaction of a warm fuel injection pump to cold (or even warm) water can ruin the pump.
  5. Never operate a diesel engine with one or more fuel injectors removed unless fully familiar with injector testing procedures: some diesel injection pumps spray fuel at up to 1400 psi-enough pressure to allow the fuel to penetrate your skin.
  7. Do not skip engine oil and filter changes.
  9. Strictly follow the manufacturer's oil and fuel recommendations as given in the owner's manual.
  11. Most manufacturers caution against using starting fluids in the automotive diesel engine, as it can cause severe internal engine damage.
  13. Do not run a diesel engine with the "Water in Fuel" warning light on in the dashboard. See for water purging procedure.
  15. If removing water from the fuel tank yourself, use the same caution you would use when working around gasoline engine fuel components.
  17. Do not allow diesel fuel to come in contact with rubber hoses or components on the engine, as it can damage them.