Ridgeline 2007-2008



Before servicing the vehicle, please follow these precautions.

Wear protective glasses and impermeable gloves, since there is a risk of burn and frost injuries.
If the skin comes into contact with the refrigerant, the exposed areas should be bathed in cold water and treated like a burn.
Should the coolant get into the eyes, they must be rinsed thoroughly with water for at least 10 minute s.
Refrigerant must not intentionally be released into the atmosphere. If, however, the refrigerant is unintentionally released in the premises, open and ventilate well before continuing work.
Gases that are formed when heating a refrigerant are a health hazard and can have a serious effect on the lungs.
Work should commence as soon as possible after emptying the A/C system as residual oil may emit refrigerant vapor that could collect and leak out if the work is delayed.
Smoking and open flames must not occur when handling refrigerants.
Refrigerant containers must not be exposed to heating, because the pressure will then increase resulting in the risk of explosion.