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Diagnostic Trouble Code Display


The Scan Tool can display up to five DTC options of enhanced code data on GM Vehicles They are DTC Info, Specific DTC, Freeze Frame, Fail Records (not used on all applications) and Clear Info.

Conditions: To Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Here are 3 methods for clearing codes from the PCM memory:

Use the Scan Tool (also clears Freeze Frame & Failure Records)
If battery power to the PCM is removed (battery cable or PCM fuse), all current data (DTC, Freeze Frame, Fail Records, Statistical Filters and I/M Readiness Flags) will be cleared
If the fault that caused a DTC to set has been corrected, the PCM will begin to count warmup cycles. Once it has counted 40 warmup cycles with no further faults detected, the DTC is cleared

DTC Info Mode

This mode is used to search for a specific type of stored DTC information. There are seven different selections. The repair charts may instruct the technician to test for a DTC in a particular manner.

MIL Request
Last Test Fail
Test Fail Since Codes Cleared
Not Run Since Codes Cleared
Fail This Ignition
DTC Status

Specific DTC Mode

In this Mode, the PCM checks the status of individual diagnostic tests by their DTC number. This selection can be accessed if a DTC has passed, failed or a combination of both. Some of the individual DTC tests that are available on the Scan Tool are shown below:

Failed Last Test
Failed Since Clear
Failed This Ignition
History DTC
MIL Requested
Not Run Since Clear
Not Run This Ignition
Test Ran and Passed