S10 Pickup, Sonoma 2000-2004

Rear Main Seal


Removal & Installation

2.2L Engines

Please note that the transmission assembly and transfer case, if equipped, must be removed to perform this procedure.

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Fig. Carefully pry the rear main oil seal out of its bore-2.2L engine

  1. Remove or disconnect the following:
    Be careful not to damage the crankshaft seal surface with the prying tool.

    Negative battery cable
    Transmission assembly and transfer case, if equipped
    Flexplate, if equipped
    Clutch assembly and flywheel, if equipped
    Crankshaft seal by prying it from out


To install:

  1. Install the new rear seal by lubricating it with engine oil and using a seal tool J-34686.
  3. Slide the seal over the mandrel until the dust lip bottoms squarely against the tool collar.

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    Fig. Rear main oil seal installation using tool J-34686-2.2L engine

  5. Align the dowel pin of the tool with the dowel pinhole in the crankshaft and attach the tool to crankshaft.