Saab 2000-06



Control panel, heater and ventilation, also called MCP (Manual Control Panel) is a system for manual climate control. The control panel consists of three control knobs for temperature, air distribution and fan speed. The electrically heated rear window and rear-view mirrors, air re-circulation and eventual A/C is controlled with buttons. Temperature: The air-mixing damper is controlled by a control wire. Depending on the position selected on the heater control, the air-mixing damper directs a certain amount of incoming air through the heater box. The temperature in the heater box itself is not affected by the position of the temperature control knob. If the position for cold air has been selected on the control panel, the air-mixing dampers are closed to prevent air from entering the heater box. Air Distribution: The air distribution damper directs the air to the positions for defroster, panel or floor. The knob on the control panel can also be set between the three main positions. The air is then distributed between the defroster and floor or between the panel and floor. The air distribution damper is controlled by a control shaft that runs directly into the climate control unit to the damper. A/C: The button supplies B+ to DICE if the fan is running. DICE requests A/C switch-on by the engine management system. Note that DICE has several blocking conditions for the A/C function.