Saturn Coupes/Sedans/Wagons 1991-1998 Repair Guide



The transaxle identification code is located on the top of the transmission case to identify the transaxle model and to indicate the day and time of manufacture. The 1st digit is the last number of the year; 1=1991, 2=1992, 3=1993, 4=1994, 5=1995, 6=1996, 7=1997 or 8=1998. The 2nd-4th positions are the 3-digit transaxle code: MP2=base manual 5-speed, MP3=performance manual 5-speed, MP6=base automatic 4-speed, or MP7=performance automatic 4-speed. The 5th position is a 1 for the Spring Hill plant. The 6th-8th digits are the Julian date (month and day), while the 9th digit is a code for hour.