Sebring 2006

Wheel Bearings



The front hub wheel bearing is designed for the life of the vehicle and requires no type of adjustment or periodic maintenance. The bearing is a sealed unit with the wheel hub and can only be removed and/or replaced as one unit.

Removal & Installation

The front wheel bearing is a bolt-in type wheel bearing. The wheel bearing is serviced separately from the front steering knuckle and front hub assembly. Retention of the front wheel bearing into the steering knuckle is by means of 3 bolts installed from the rear of the steering knuckle. The 3 bolts attach the hub/bearing to the front surface of the steering knuckle. Removal and installation of the hub/bearing assembly from the steering knuckle must be done with the steering knuckle removed from the vehicle.

The face of the outer CV-joint has a metal bearing shield pressed on it. This design deters direct water splash on the bearing seal while allowing any water that gets in to run out the bottom of the steering knuckle. It is important to thoroughly clean the outer CV-joint and the wheel bearing area in the steering knuckle before it is assembled after servicing the front wheel bearing or halfshaft.

At no time when servicing this vehicle, can a sheet metal screw, bolt, or other metal fastener be installed in the shock tower to take the place of an original plastic clip. Also, NO holes can be drilled into the front shock tower for the installation of any metal fasteners into the shock tower. Because of the minimum clearance in this area, the installation of metal fasteners could damage the coil spring's protective coating and lead to corrosion failure of the spring. If a plastic clip is missing, lost, or broken during servicing the vehicle, replace it only with the equivalent part listed in the MOPAR® parts catalog.

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  3. Remove or disconnect the following:
    If the bearing is found in serviceable condition, the wheel bearing is transferable to a replacement steering knuckle.

    The front wheel
    The steering knuckle assembly
    The 3 hub/bearing assembly-to-steering knuckle bolts
    The hub/bearing assembly from the steering knuckle. If necessary, tap the bearing out, using a soft-faced hammer


To install:

  1. Clean all parts well. Thoroughly, clean all the hub/bearing assembly mounting surfaces on the steering knuckle.
  3. Install or connect the following:

    The hub/bearing assembly and torque the bolts to 80 ft. lbs. (110 Nm)
    The steering knuckle
    The front wheel. Tighten the wheel lug nuts to 100 ft. lbs. (136 Nm)