Sentra 1998

Bleeding The System


  1. Raise the front end of vehicle until the wheels are clear of the ground.
  3. Add Genuine NISSAN PSF or equivalent into the steering fluid reservoir tank to the specified level. Then quickly turn the steering wheel fully to right and left and lightly touch steering stoppers. Repeat steering wheel operation until the fluid level no longer decreases.
  5. Start the engine then repeat step 2 above. Incomplete air bleeding will cause the following symptoms:

    Air bubbles in reservoir tank
    Clicking noise in oil pump
    Excessive buzzing in oil pump

  7. If this happens, bleed out the air repeating step 2 above. Fluid noise may occur in the valve or oil pump. This is common when the vehicle is stationary or while turning the steering wheel slowly. This does not affect the performance or durability of the system.