Sentra 2008

Fuel Pump


Removal & Installation

Fuel will be spilled when removing fuel pump assembly if the tank is full. If the fuel gauge indicates more than ( 7 / 8 full), drain at least 3 1 / 8 gallons (12L) from the fuel tank.

  1. Open fuel door and unscrew the fuel filler cap to release the pressure inside the fuel tank.
  3. Release fuel system pressure.
  5. Remove rear seat bottom.
  7. Turn the three cover retainers 90°in counterclockwise and remove the fuel pump inspection hole cover.
  9. Disconnect the wiring and fuel hose quick connectors. To remove the quick connector, hold the sides of the connector, push in the tabs and pull the tube straight out. The tube can be removed only when the tabs are completely depressed. Do not twist or use any tools.
  11. To keep the connectors clean and to avoid damage, cover them completely with plastic bags or something similar. Do not insert plugs to prevent damage to O-ring.
  13. Remove the locking ring using the correct tool and carefully lift the pump/filter/sending unit out of the tank. Take care not to bend the float arm.

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    Fig. Disconnecting the fuel line quick connector

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    Fig. Fuel pump connections


To install:

  1. Carefully fit the fuel pump assembly into the tank. Fit a new lock ring and seal.
  3. Reconnect the hoses and wiring.
  5. Connect the battery and turn the ignition switch ON three or four times to run the pump, pressurize the system and check for leaks.