Sentra 2008

Fuel Rail & Injectors


Removal & Installation

  1. Release the fuel pressure.
  3. Remove quick connector cap from quick connector connection.
  5. Disconnect fuel feed hose from hose clamp.
    Inserting quick connector release hard will not disconnect quick connector. Hold quick connector release where it contacts and goes no further.

    Pull quick connector holding -A- position. Do not pull with lateral force applied. O-ring inside quick connector may be damaged. Do not bend or twist connection between quick connector and fuel feed hose.

    With the sleeve side of quick connector release facing quick connector, install quick connector release onto fuel tube.
    Insert quick connector release into quick connector until sleeve contacts and goes no further. Hold quick connector release on that position.

    Draw and pull out quick connector straight from fuel tube.

    To keep clean the connecting portion and to avoid damage and foreign materials, cover them completely with plastic bags or something similar.

  7. Remove intake manifold.
  9. Remove fuel tube bolts.
  11. Remove the fuel tube and fuel injector assembly.
    When removing, be careful to avoid any interference with fuel injector.

  13. Remove fuel injector from fuel tube with the following procedure:

    Open and remove clip.
    Remove fuel injector from fuel tube by pulling straight. Be careful not to damage fuel injector nozzle during removal.

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    Fig. Use the special tool to release the fuel line quick connector

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    Fig. Fuel injector and fuel rail assembly-2.0L engine



To install:

Upper and lower injector O-rings are different. Be careful not to confuse them. Handle O-ring with bare hands. Never wear gloves.