Sierra, Silverado 2006-2007



The system should be bled whenever the booster is removed and installed.

  1. Fill the power steering pump until the fluid level is at the base of the pump reservoir neck. Disconnect the battery lead from the distributor.
    Remove the electrical lead to the fuel solenoid terminal on the injection pump before cranking the engine.

  3. Jack up the front of the car, turn the wheels all the way to the left, and crank the engine for a few seconds.
  5. Check steering pump fluid level. If necessary, add fluid to the -ADD'' mark on the dipstick.
  7. Lower the car, connect the battery lead, and start the engine. Check fluid level and add fluid to the -ADD'' mark, as necessary. With the engine running, turn the wheels from side to side to bleed air from the system. Make sure that the fluid level stays above the internal pump casting.
  9. The Hydro-Boost system should now be fully bled. If the fluid is foaming after bleeding, stop the engine, let the system set for one hour, then repeat the second part of Step 4.

The preceding procedures should be effective in removing the excess air from the system, however sometimes air may still remain trapped. When this happens the booster may make a gulping noise when the brake is applied. Lightly pumping the brake pedal with the engine running should cause this noise to disappear. After the noise stops, check the pump fluid level and add as necessary.