Sierra, Silverado 2006-2007

Flywheel or Flexplate


Removal & Installation

The ring gear is an integral part of the flywheel and is not replaceable. To remove the flywheel or flexplate:

  1. Remove the transmission.
  3. Remove the bolts attaching the flywheel/flexplate to the crankshaft flange, then remove it from the crankshaft.

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    Fig. Exploded view of the flywheel assembly-6.6L engines shown, others similar


To install:

  1. Inspect the flywheel/flexplate for cracks, and inspect the ring gear for burrs or worn teeth. Replace the flywheel if any damage is apparent. Remove burrs with a mill file.
  3. If equipped with a manual transmission inspect the pilot bearing and replace if necessary.
  5. If equipped with a spacer between the crankshaft and flywheel/flexplate, reinstall the spacer.
  7. Install the flywheel/flexplate. The flywheel/flexplate will only attach to the crankshaft in one position, as the bolt holes are unevenly spaced. Install the bolts and tighten in a criss-cross pattern. Refer to the Torque Specifications chart for the proper tightening torque values.