Silverado 2008

Service Programming System (SPS) Information


Specific to:

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2008

For step by step programming instructions, refer to the General Motors Techline Information System (TIS) terminal.

Do not program a control module unless directed by a service procedure or service bulletin. Programming a control module at any other time will not permanently correct a concern.

It is essential that the Tech2, MDI and TIS terminal are all equipped with the latest software before performing the operation.

Due to the time requirements of programming a controller it is recommended that an external power source be used to maintain system voltage. Stable battery voltage is critical during programming. Any fluctuation, spiking, over voltage or loss of voltage will interrupt programming.

Some modules will require additional programming/setup events performed before or after programming. Some vehicles will require the use of a CANDI or MDI module for programming.

DTC-s may set during programming be sure to clear them after programming is complete.

Clearing powertrain DTC-s will set Inspection/Maintenance (I/M) system status indicators to NO.

Before programming a control module, be sure there is not a charging system concern and battery voltage is greater than 12 volts but less than 16 volts. Turn OFF any system that may put a load on the vehicles battery (interior lights, twilight sentinel, DRL lights, cooling fans, etc.). The ignition must be in the proper position; SPS prompts you to turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF. Do not change the position of the ignition switch during programming unless prompted to do so.