Solstice 2006-2008, Sky 2007-2008

Maintenance Intervals


2006-08 pontiac solstice/saturn sky
To be servicedType of serviceVehicle mileage interval (x1000)
Accessory drive beltS/IEvery 150,000 miles                              
Air cleaner filter -S/I     X     X     X     X     X  
Automatic transmission fluid and filter -R                   X            
Brake fluid levelIEvery 6 months                              
Clutch fluid levelIEvery 6 months                              
Engine coolant system -S/IEvery 150,000 miles or 60 months                              
Engine oil & filter -RXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Hinges and latchesLOnce a year                              
Restraint systemIEvery 6 months                              
Tires -Rotate   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X
Spark plugsREvery 100,000 miles                              
Wiper bladesS/IEvery 6 months                              
1R: Replace S/I: Inspect and service, if necessary L: Lubricate
2- Replace as necessary, but, replace every 45,000 miles if not previously done.
3- Replace at this interval if driven under any of these conditons:
4- Drain an flush
5- For vehicle with a Driver Information Center, change the oil and filter when specified by the DIC.
6- Check wear and inflation every month