Subaru Coupes/Sedans/Wagons 1985-1996 Repair Guide

Oil Pan and Filter



See Figure 1

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Fig. Fig. 1: Transaxle oil filter screen mounting bolts-the oil filter is located in the oil pan

Normal maintenance does not require removal of the transaxle oil pan, or changing or cleaning of the oil strainer. However, if a leak is detected at the transaxle oil pan gasket it must be replaced.

  1. Park the car on a level surface or support it on jackstands, engine off.
  3. Remove the drain plug and drain the transaxle fluid into a suitable container.
  5. Remove the mounting bolts and lower the oil pan and gasket.
  7. Reverse the above process to install the pan. Always use a new pan gasket.

If you wish to remove the oil strainer, simply unbolt it from the valve body after Step 3 above. It can be cleaned in fresh gasoline and dried with compressed air or allowed to air dry.