Subaru Forester 1998-05

Safety Precautions


Component parts of the cooling system, refrigerant, compressor oil, and other parts are not the same for the HFC-134a system and the older CFC-12 system. Do not interchange parts or liquid. Vehicles with HFC-134a air conditioning systems, use only HFC-134a parts that are indicated on a label attached to the vehicle. Before performing any maintenance, verify the type of air conditioning system installed in the vehicle.

Because refrigerant boils at approx. -22°F (-30°C) at sea level, it is cold enough to give you severe frostbite. Always wear goggles to protect your eyes and gloves to protect your hands. Also, even under the pressures normally found in CFC-12 containers, refrigerant will boil with the addition of heat. This could raise the pressure inside the container to a dangerous level. Never expose a can of HFC-134a to direct sunlight, or to temperatures over 104°F (40°C. One more thing to remember about HFC-134a is that when it is exposed to an open flame or to hot metal, it forms phosgene, a deadly gas. Do not discharge HFC-134a into the atmosphere on purpose. Always read and follow the precautions on the HFC-134a bottle.