Suzuki Esteem, Swift 1994-02

Bleeding the ABS System


For Suzuki Esteem, the brake bleeding procedure is the same as the regular non-ABS brake bleeding procedure at the beginning of this section.

  1. For the Suzuki Swift with ABS, the ABS bleeding procedure is as follows:
    Brake fluid may irritate eyes and skin. In case of contact, take the following actions; Eye contact - rinse thoroughly with water, Skin contact - wash with soap and water, If ingested - consult a physician immediately.

    1. Fill master cylinder reservoir with brake fluid and keep at least one-half full fluid during bleeding operation.

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      Fig. Hydraulic modulator (1), bleeder plug-A (2), vinyl tube (3), container of clean brake fluid (4) and bleeder plug-B (5)-Swift

    3. Attach a vinyl tube to bleeder plug-A of ABS actuator assembly and insert the other end into a container of clean brake fluid.
    5. Depress brake pedal several times and then while holding it depressed, loosen bleeder plug-A about one-third to one-half turn.
    7. When fluid pressure in the cylinder is almost depleted, retighten bleeder plug-A.
    9. Repeat the previous two steps until there are no more air bubbles in hydraulic line.
    11. When bubbles stop, depress and hold brake pedal and tighten bleeder plug-A to 8 ft. lbs. (11 Nm).
    13. Repeat all of these steps for bleeder plug-B.
    15. If necessary, continue with the regular (non-ABS) bleeding procedure.