Suzuki Forenza, Reno 2003-06

Description & Operation


Before using this section, it is important that you have a basic knowledge of the following items. Without this knowledge, it will be difficult to use the diagnostic procedures contained.

Basic Electrical Circuits : You should understand the basic theory of electricity and know the meaning of voltage, current (amps), and resistance (ohms). You should understand what happens in a circuit with an open or shorted wire. You should be able to read and understand a wiring diagram.
Use of Circuit Testing Tools : You should know how to use a test light and how to bypass components to test circuits using fused jumper wires. You should be familiar with a digital multimeter. You should be able to measure voltage, resistance, and current, and be familiar with the controls and how to use them correctly.
The ABS 5.3 Antilock Braking System (ABS) consists of a conventional hydraulic brake system plus antilock components.
The conventional brake system includes a vacuum booster, master cylinder, front disc brakes, rear leading/trailing drum brakes, interconnecting hydraulic brake pipes and hoses, brake fluid level sensor and the BRAKE indicator.
The ABS components include a hydraulic unit, an electronic brake control module (EBCM), two system fuses, four wheel speed sensors (one at each wheel), interconnecting wiring, the ABS indicator, the EBD indicator (which is connected to the parking lamp) and the rear disk brakes.
The hydraulic unit with the attached EBCM is located between the surge tank and the fire wall on the left side of the vehicle.
The basic hydraulic unit configuration consists of hydraulic check valves, two solenoid valves for each wheel, a hydraulic pump, two accumulators, and two damper.
The hydraulic unit controls hydraulic pressure to the front calipers and rear wheel cylinders by modulating hydraulic pressure to prevent wheel lockup.

Nothing in the hydraulic unit or the EBCM is serviceable. In the event of any failure, the entire ABS unit with attached EBCM must be replaced.