Suzuki Samurai/Sidekick/Tracker 1986-1998 Repair Guide

Fusible Links


See Figure 1

The fusible link is a short length of special, Hypalon (high temperature) insulated wire, integral with the engine compartment wiring harness and should not be confused with standard wire. It is several wire gauges smaller than the circuit which it protects. Under no circumstances should a fusible link replacement repair be made using a length of standard wire cut from bulk stock or from another wiring harness.

The Samurai vehicles use only one fusible link, which is attached to the positive battery terminal. When this fuse blows, none of the electrical components on the vehicle will operate.

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Fig. Fig. 1: The fusible link used on all models covered by this guide is attached directly to the positive battery terminal

If a Sidekick, Tracker, Sidekick Sport and X-90 models is equipped with A/C, the main fuse is actually a fusible link located at the battery positive terminal.

When replacing the fusible link, the manufacturer recommends using only a Suzuki fusible link.

Do not mistake a resistor wire for a fusible link. The resistor wire is generally longer and has print stating, "Resistor: don't cut or splice."

Whenever the fusible link blows, inspect the wiring system for damage. Never substitute a normal piece of wire for the fusible link, even if only for a short time.