Suzuki Samurai/Sidekick/Tracker 1986-1998 Repair Guide

General Information


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The cruise control system (known as the speed control system on Tracker models) was an available option for Sidekick, Tracker, Sidekick Sport and X-90 models. The system is designed to maintain a preset vehicle speed while driving at high speeds (highway driving). It allows the driver to operate his/her vehicle at a constant speed as desired within the range of 25-75 mph (40-120 km/h) without depressing the accelerator pedal (constant cruising speed). The system is also equipped with functions, such as being able to change the vehicle's speed without depressing the accelerator pedal (using the SET COAST and ACCEL RESUME buttons), being able to cancel the cruise control system (CANCEL switch) and being able to resume the speed in system memory automatically after the cruise control was canceled (using the ACCEL RESUME button).

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Fig. Fig. 1: Cruise control electrical system schematic

The system is comprised of the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS), the control unit, the actuator, and the various switches. The system is electronic, and does not use a vacuum-controlled actuator. The actuator is controlled electronically by the control unit, based on the input signals from the VSS.