Suzuki Samurai/Sidekick/Tracker 1986-1998 Repair Guide

Diagnostic Connector



1989-95 Fuel Injected Engines

The 1.3L TFI engine, used in the Samurai model, does not use a diagnostic connector for DTC retrieval.

The 1989-95 1.6L TFI and MFI engines use a diagnostic monitor coupler, which is located in the engine compartment near the battery.

1996-98 Fuel Injected Engines

See Figure 1

The engine and emission control systems utilize a Data Link Connector (DLC) so that a scan tool can communicate with the ECM, thereby reading stored DTC's and freeze frame data for component testing. The DLC used with these engines complies with SAE regulation J1962 in location, shape and terminal identification.

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Fig. Fig. 1: The Data Link Connector (DLC) uses the standard federally-mandated On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) terminal positions-a scan tool is necessary to retrieve the DTC's used by these engines

An OBD-II serial data line is used for either the Suzuki scan tool (Tech-1) or a generic scan tool to communicate with the ECM. Only the Suzuki scan tool can be used to communicate with other control modules, such as the airbag module and the ABS control module, etc., in these vehicles.