TownAndCountry 2008

Performance Test


Specific to:

Chrysler Town & Country 2008-2009

Dodge Grand Caravan 2008-2009

This procedure requires the technician to know what the actual relative humidity is for the time and day of the test. This information can be obtained from multiple sources, such as the internet or local news media.

  1. Make sure the following conditions are met in the area where the test is to be performed:
    When connecting service equipment couplings to the line fittings, verify that the valves of the couplings are fully closed prior to installation. This will reduce the amount of effort required to make the connection.

    Maximum ambient temperature: 10° F (43.3° C)
    Minimum ambient temperature: 60° F (15.5° C)
    Minimum relative humidity: 20 percent
    Maximum relative humidity: 90 percent

  3. Connect a manifold gauge set or an A/C recycling/charging station.
  5. Operate the heating-A/C system under the following conditions:

    Engine at normal operating temperature
    Engine at normal idle speed
    No sun-load in the cabin of the vehicle
    Vehicle doors and windows closed
    Transmission in Park
    A/C-heater controls set to Recirculation mode, full cool, panel mode, high blower, and with A/C compressor engaged.
    All panel outlet vanes open and positioned straight rearward

  7. Using a scan tool, manually close the high speed cooling fan relay. If this step is not performed, the test results will not be accurate.
  9. Insert a thermometer in the driver side center panel air outlet and operate the A/C system until the thermometer temperature stabilizes (or a minimum of 5 minutes).
    The compressor clutch may cycle while performing this test, depending upon the ambient temperature and humidity. If the clutch cycles, use the readings obtained before the clutch disengaged.

  11. With the A/C compressor clutch engaged, compare the observed panel outlet air temperature along with the ambient temperature of the work area and the relative humidity to the Maximum Panel Outlet Temperature chart.

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    Fig. Maximum panel outlet temperature chart.