Toyota 4Runner 2001-06

Charging the System


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Fig. Install the charging cylinder to the center hose of the manifold

When handling the charging cylinder, always follow the directions given in the instruction manual.

  1. Charge the proper amount of refrigerant into the charging cylinder, then connect the manifold center hose to the charging cylinder.
    Do not open both high and low hand valves of manifold gauge set.

  3. Open the valve of charging cylinder.
  5. Press the valve core on the side of manifold gauge and expel the air inside of the center hose.
    Only continue this procedure once you haven ensured there are no leaks in the system.

  7. Open the high pressure hand valve fully. Charge specified amount of refrigerant, then close the high pressure hand valve. A fully charged system is indicated by no bubbles being visible through the sight glass.

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    Fig. Check to see there are no bubbles visible through the sight glass to indicate a fully charged system.