Toyota Camry 1983-1996 Repair Guide

Neutral Safety Switch


The neutral safety switch is connected to the throttle cable and the manual shift lever on the transaxle. The switch, in addition to preventing vehicle start with the transaxle in gear, also actuates the back-up warning lights.


See Figures 1 and 2

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Fig. Fig. 1: View of the neutral safety switch, located on the driver's side of the transaxle

  1. Disconect the neutral start switch harness.
  3. With a pair of needle nose pliers, remove the clip that connects the manual control cable to the manual shift lever.

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Fig. Fig. 2: Exploded view of the switch mounting

  1. Unstake the lock nut and remove the manual shift lever.
  3. Remove the neutral start switch with the seal gasket.

To install:
  1. Install the neutral start switch making sure that the lip of the seal gasket is facing inward.
  3. Install the manual shift lever.
  5. Install the locknut and tighten to 61 inch lbs. (7 Nm). Stake the nut with the locking plate.
  7. Connect the switch harness. Adjust the neutral start switch.
  9. Connect the transmission shift cable and install the clip.
  11. Adjust the transmission shift cable.
  13. Check the operation of the switch and adjust as necessary.


See Figures 3 and 4

If the engine starts with the shift selector in any position except Park or Neutral, adjust the switch as follows:

  1. Loosen the two neutral start switch retaining bolts and move the shift selector to the Neutral range.
  3. On 1983-85 vehicles, disconnect the neutral start switch harness and attach an ohmmeter across the terminals. Adjust the switch to the point at which there is continuity across the terminals.
  5. On 1986-96 vehicles, align the groove and the neutral basic line. Maintain the alignment and tighten the bolts to 48 inch lbs. (5 Nm).

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Fig. Fig. 3: Loosen the park/neutral switch bolt and set the lever to the Neutral position

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Fig. Fig. 4: Align the groove and the neutral basic line, then tighten the bolt