Toyota Camry 1983-1996 Repair Guide

Fuel/Water Separator



This procedure only applies to the diesel vehicles.

In addition to filtration, the fuel filter also separates water from the fuel. A switch in the bottom of the filter senses the amount of water accumulated in the filter. When the warning light or buzzer on the dash comes on, the water in the fuel filter must be drained immediately.

  1. Raise the hood and place a small drain pan or plastic container under the drain plug to catch the water.
  3. Loosen the drain plug about 2-2 1 / 2 turns.

Loosening the drain plug more than the indicated amount, will cause water to ooze from around the threads of the drain plug.

  1. Press the priming pump on top of the filter until clean fuel only is discharged from the drain plug.
  3. Tighten the drain plug by hand, do not use a tool.