Toyota Camry and Avalon 1997-2000

Air Cleaner (Element)


The element should be replaced at the recommended intervals shown in the Maintenance Intervals chart. If your car is operated under severely dusty conditions or severe operating conditions, more frequent changes will certainly be necessary. Inspect the element at least twice a year. Early spring and early fall are always good times for inspection. Remove the element and check for any perforations or tears in the filter. Check the cleaner housing for signs of dirt or dust that may have leaked through the filter element or in through the snorkel tube. Position a droplight on one side of the element and look through the filter at the light. If no glow of light can be seen through the element material, replace the filter. If holes in the filter element are apparent or signs of dirt seepage through the filter are evident, replace the filter.


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Fig. You may use compressed air to blow loose dirt out of the filter

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Fig. View of the air box, filter and cover-5S-FE engine

  1. On models equipped with cruise control, the cable may need to be released from the clamp attached to the side of the air cleaner.
  3. Release the clips holding the top of the air box and lift the lid. Note that some of these clips may be in close quarters against bodywork or other components; don't pry or force the clips.
  5. Separate any wiring that may be in the way of cover separation.
  7. Position the cover with the air flow meter and the air cleaner flexible hose off to the side. If necessary, unplug the electrical connector.
  9. Withdraw the element from the housing and discard it.
  11. With a clean rag, remove any dirt or dust from the front cover and also from the element seating surface.

Do not drive the vehicle with air cleaner removed. Doing so will allow dirt and a variety of other foreign particles to enter the engine and cause damage and wear. Also, backfiring could cause a fire in the engine compartment.

To install:

  1. Position and install the new filter element so that it seats properly in the housing.
  3. Position the cover with the attached air flow meter and hose over the element. Secure it with the retaining clips.
  5. Engage the electrical connector if applicable.