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Toyota Celica 1986-1993 Repair Guide

Camshaft (Valve) Cover



On models with an air bag, wait at least 30 seconds from the time that the ignition switch is turned to the lock position and the battery is disconnected before performing any further work.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Remove the air cleaner assembly. Disconnect and remove the air intake hose if so equipped.
  3. Mark and disconnect all hoses, connectors and brackets from the valve cover for correct installation.
  5. Remove the nuts or bolts and washers, keeping them in the same order in which they came off. Lift the camshaft cover(s) off the cylinder head. Cover the oil return hole (make sure the return holes are not obstructed) in the head to prevent dirt or objects from falling in. Remove the cam cover gasket.

To install:

  1. Replace the valve cover gasket or packing using part number 08826-00080, or equivalent.
  3. Tighten the nuts or bolts evenly in several passes, working from the center to the ends. Torque the bolts on the 3S-FE engine to 9 ft. lbs. (13 Nm), making sure the grommets are pointing in the proper direction. Torque the valve cover fasteners on the 2S-E, 3S-GE and 3S-GTE engines to 21 inch lbs. (2.5 Nm). Torque the valve cover fasteners on the 4A-fe engine to 69 inch lbs. (7.8 Nm). Torque the valve cover fasteners on the 5S-FE engine to 17 ft. lbs. (23 Nm).
  5. Reinstall the remaining components and check for leaks.

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Fig. Fig. 1 Valve cover grommet positioning3S-FE and 5S-FE engines