Toyota Celica 1986-1993 Repair Guide



There are certain safety precautions which should be observed when jacking the vehicle. They are as follows:

Do NOT work beneath a vehicle supported only by a tire-changing jack.
Always jack the car on a level surface.
Set the parking brake if the front wheels are to be raised. This will keep the car from rolling forward.
If the rear wheels are to be raised, block the front wheels to keep the car from rolling forward.
Block the wheel diagonally opposite the one which is being raised.
If the vehicle is being raised in order to work underneath it, support it with jackstands. Do NOT place the jackstands against the sheet metal panels beneath the car or they will become distorted.
Do NOT use a bumper jack to raise the vehicle; bumpers are not designed for this purpose.

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Fig. Fig 1: Vehicle jacking pointsCelica