Toyota Celica 1994-1998 Repair Guide




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Fig. Fig. 1: Overall view of the instrument cluster on most models

The fuel gauge works when the ignition switch is ON and indicates approximately the quantity of fuel remaining the gas tank. F indicates that the tanks is nearly full and E indicates nearly empty.

The engine coolant gauge indicates the engine coolant temperature when the ignition switch is ON . The engine temperature will vary with the changes in weather and engine load. If the needle moves into the red zone (H), your engine is too hot. Stop the car and allow it to cool off.

The tachometer indicates the engine speed in rpms (revolutions per minute). Use it while driving to select the correct shift timing and to prevent the engine from lugging and over-revving. Do not allow the needle to enter the red zone of the tachometer gage, this may cause sever engine damage.

The odometer shows the total distance the vehicle has been driven. The trip meter shows the distance the vehicle has been driven since the last time it was set to zero. The trip meter knob resets the trip meter to zero.

The gauges on all the models covered here can be replaced in the same basic manner. First, remove the instrument cluster and the front lens. Then, remove the gauge's attaching screws on either the front or the back of the cluster.

When replacing a speedometer or odometer assembly, the law requires the odometer reading of the replacement unit to be set to register the same mileage as the prior odometer. If the mileage cannot be set, the law requires that the replacement be set at zero and a proper label be installed on the drivers door frame to show the previous odometer reading and date of replacement.