Toyota Celica, Corolla, ECHO & MR2 1999-05

Air Bag (Supplemental Restraint System)


The air bag system used on Celica is referred to as Supplemental Restraint System (SRS). The SRS provides additional protection for the driver and front passenger, if a forward collision of sufficient force is encountered. The SRS assists the normal seatbelt restraining system by deploying an air bag, via the steering column.

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Fig. Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) component locations

The center air bag sensor is the heart of the SRS. It consists of safing sensors, ignition control and drive circuit, diagnosis circuit, etc. The center air bag sensor receives signals from the air bag crash sensors and determines whether the air bag must be activated or not. The center air bag sensor is also used to diagnose system malfunctions.

The air bag warning light circuit is equipped with an electrical connection check mechanism which detects when the connector to the center air bag sensor assembly is NOT properly connected.

All connectors in the air bag system are colored yellow. These connectors use gold-plated terminals with twin-lock mechanism. This design assures positive locking; there-by, preventing the terminals from coming apart.