Toyota Celica, Corolla, ECHO & MR2 1999-05



Center Air Bag Sensor

The center air bag sensor is mounted on the floor inside the console box. The air bag sensor determines whether or not the air bag should be deployed and is also used to diagnose system malfunction.

Front Air Bag Sensor

A front air bag sensor is mounted inside each of the front fenders. The sensor unit is basically a mechanical switch. When the sensor detects a deceleration force above a predetermined level in a collision, the contacts in the sensor close, sending a signal to the center air bag sensor assembly. The sensor cannot be disassembled. If the front fenders on the vehicle are damaged in any way, do a visual check of the sensors even if the air bag is NOT deployed. Inspect for:

Bracket deformation
Peeling of paint
Cracks, dents or chips in the case
Cracks, chipping or dents in the wiring connector
Peeling of the label or damage to the series number