Toyota Celica, Corolla, ECHO & MR2 1999-05

System Operation


When the ignition switch is turn to the ON or ACC position, the air bag warning lamp will turned on for approximately six seconds. If no malfunctions are detected in the system, after the six second period have elapse, the warning light will go off.

The safing sensors are designed to go on at a lower deceleration rate than the front or center air bag sensor. When the vehicle is involved in a frontal collision, the shock is great enough to overcome the predetermine level of the front or center air bag sensor. When a safing sensor and a front air bag sensor and/or the center air bag sensor go on simultaneously, it causes the squib of the air bag to ignite and the air bag is deployed automatically. The inflated bag breaks open the steering wheel pad.

After air bag deployment have occurred, the gas is discharged through the discharge holes provided behind the bag. The bag become deflated as a result.

The connector of the air bag contains a short spring plate, which provides an activation prevention mechanism. When the connector is disconnected, the short spring plate automatically connects the power source and grounding terminals of the inflator module (squib).