Toyota Celica, Corolla, ECHO & MR2 1999-05

Coolant Recommendation & Level Check


The correct coolant is any permanent, high quality ethylene glycol antifreeze mixed in a 50/50 concentration with water. This mixture gives the best combination of antifreeze and anti-boil characteristics within the engine.

NEVER drain coolant directly onto the ground! NEVER open, service or drain the radiator or cooling system when hot; serious burns can occur from the steam and hot coolant. Also, when draining engine coolant, keep in mind that cats and dogs are attracted to ethylene glycol antifreeze and could drink any that is left in an uncovered container or in puddles on the ground. This will prove fatal in sufficient quantities. Always drain coolant into a sealable container. Coolant should be reused unless it is contaminated or is several years old.

It's best to check the coolant level when the engine is COLD. The radiator coolant level should be between the LOW and the FULL lines on the reservoir tank when the engine is cold. If low, check for leakage and add coolant up to the FULL line but do not overfill.

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Fig. Common coolant reservoir level indicators

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Fig. The coolant reservoir level indicators are hard to see, located under the battery in the 7A-FE engine

Check the freeze protection rating of the antifreeze at least once a year or as necessary with a suitable antifreeze tester.