Toyota Celica/Supra 1971-1985 Repair Guide

Hydraulic Lash Adjusters



The hydraulic valve lash adjusters used on the 5M-GE twin cam six must be bled and their leak down rate checked before they are reassembled into the motor. Both of these procedures require special service equipment and should be performed by a professional mechanic at a quality machine shop. If you have the head disassembled for a valve job, cam replacement, etc., you will probably be taking the head to a machine shop anyway; the adjusters can be left in their recesses, removed and checked while the head is in the shop.


  1. Remove and inspect the oil pressure regulator before reassembly (see Oil Pressure Regulator below).
  3. Make sure that the match hole on each No. 2 cam journal is aligned with the hole on the respective camshafts.
  5. Install the lash adjusters and rocker arms in their correct locations in the head.
  7. Place new gaskets over the dowels on the head, and position the cam housings over the dowels on the head.
  9. Install and tighten the housing nuts and bolts gradually in three passes in the sequence shown. On the final pass, tighten the nuts and bolts to 15-17 ft. lbs. (20-23 Nm).
  11. Install the remaining components in the reverse order of removal, using new gaskets on the valve covers. Set the timing.