Toyota Celica/Supra 1971-1985 Repair Guide

Fog Lights



1982-85 Supra

See Figure 1

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Fig. Fig. 1: Common fog light assembly-1982-85 Supra

  1. Remove the grille by removing the central screw and releasing the tabs.
  3. Remove the turn signal light next to whichever fog light you intend to remove by removing the screw and pulling the turn signal light housing toward you. The other side of the turn signal light is self-attaching and is simply pulled out. At this point the turn signal bulb can be replaced if necessary.
  5. Remove the retaining ring and partially remove the light housing. Disconnect the wire connector for the fog light and the bulb socket for the parking light. Remove the light housing completely.
  7. Installation is in the reverse order of removal. Replace bulbs with the same number and wattage (55W, fog light; 3.8W, parking light). Make sure the wiring waterproof rubber cover fits snugly on the fog light housing.